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The Everest Inn, Ashford, celebrates 60th anniversary of the ascent of Mount Everest

On Tuesday 18th June, an evening of celebration and networking between Britain and Nepal was held at the prestigious and award‐winning Everest Inn, Ashford. The esteemed VIP guests included Mr Rajendra Khetan, president of the Nepal‐Britain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Worshipful Mayor of Ashford Cllr David Smith, and the Worshipful Mayor of Hythe, Cllr Alan Smith together with their wives. Chief executive of Kent Invicta Chambers of commerce Jo Smith, Representative from Jimmy Mizzen Foundations, Nepalese Ex Gurkha solder & Community social worker from Ashford Popi Raj Rai were also present.

Acknowledging the presence of distinguished guests, director of the Everest Inn Group Yadav Bhandari outlined the reason for the evening – to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s historic ascent of Mount Everest ‐ and a great networking evening of Britain and Nepal’s relations.

Welcoming distinguished guests, Managing Director of the Everest Inn Group, Pashupati Bhandari said Nepal’s historical attachment and healthy relations with Britain were nearly 200 years old and still remained dynamic. He underlined the need of working ether for the betterment of our societies, better integration, involving young children in various fields including charity, sports and works aimed at supporting local communities. “We are extremely pleased to be part of such activities and proud to be the main sponsor of the Ashford Town cricket Club, where we have established great relations with the young children from the both communities,” he added.

Pashupati further added that 2016 we mark the 200th anniversary of Anglo‐ Nepalese relations. The 1816 treaty between the two countries recognized the importance of independence and the sanctimony of peace, he added.

Speeches from honorary guests included praise for the ceaseless work that Bhandaris and their families have been carrying out for their communities both in the UK and in Nepal, including working with young people and encouraging integration through sports (football and cricket). They also reminded of the amazingly strong and very important links between the two countries.

Mr Rajendra Khetan, who had travelled from Nepal for the event, was keen to let the guests know all about the work going on in Nepal and of the importance of British‐Nepal links. Kent Invicta Chambers of Commerce Chief Executive, Jo James, reiterated how important the integration and link with each other’s country was. Barry Jaynes of the Britain‐Nepal Chamber of Commerce spoke about the importance of British companies investing in Nepal, which had so much to offer.

Peter Carroll of the Gurkha Justice Campaign, for which Joanna Lumley was famous, spoke of the great loyalty the Gurkhas and Nepalese have shown to Britain over nearly last 200 years of their alliance. Matt Hone, Foundation Trustee of the Jimmy Mizen Foundation and Lewisham North Expedition Leader, who has many times taken Scout youngsters from all walks of life to Nepal for expeditions, reminded everyone of the importance of young people growing up with the right attitudes and of the importance of them experiencing each other’s’ way of life, He further added, “We are so pleased to have a wonderful support from Everest Inn including last years 18 young people from the Foundation’s visits to Nepal.”

At the end, ‘Goody bags’ were handed by Rajendra Khetan and Pashupati Bhandari to the honoured guests including a beautiful pictorial book on the beauty and majesty of Nepal.

The whole evening was a huge success, fuelled as ever by Everest Inn’s amazing hospitality of superb food and champagne, with live kitchen in the garden served by the wonderful staff.