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Sweet Chilli Dip

10 Mins
Praveen Bhatta


Sweet Chilli DipThe Nepalese love chilli! I wouldn’t suggest you do this, but many Nepalese love chilli so much that they often bite into fresh green chilli’s as a side to their food. However, Nepalese people usually use chilli either chopped, fried, roasted, steamed or as a chilli – paste.

This is an easy recipe and can be served as dip as a starter. It is best served with Momo, a Nepalese dumpling, but these days is often eaten with crisps of nachos.

But be aware, add chilli bit by to suit your own taste.


2 large tomatoes

6 dried red chillies

2 tsp of sugar

½ tsp of salt


  • Boil the tomatoes and dried red chillies in a pan until the tomato skin tears off.
  • Remove the skin from the tomatoes, chop each of them into four pieces and gring them with the chillies.
  • When smooth, add the sugar and salt to taste and mix well.