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Rice -Dumpling

90 Mins
Aditi Varia

16312146-Three-rice-dumplings-and-chinese-tea-on-bamboo-placemat-Stock-PhotoWhen I have left-over rice, I often make these rather than making fried rice or throwing it away.

There are no measurements – just add a little of what you have in your cupboard.


Rice                                         Carom seeds

Gram flour                              Ginger garlic paste

Yogurt                                     Finely chopped chillies

Turmeric                                  Fresh coriander

Chilli                                       Salt to taste

Cumin                                     Oil (optional for deep frying)


  • Add a little gram flour and yogurt to the left over rice.
  • Add a little cold water so the consistency is perfect to form a ball shape.
  • Add turmeric powder, cumin powder, ajwain or carom seeds, garlic – ginger paste, and fresh coriander to the mix. well and leave for an hour.
  • Shape into small balls. Now, either deep fry or steam the balls.
  • Once they all are cooked, garnish with grated coconut. Serve with chutney.