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Newah Bhwoye (Newar Bhoj)

Ojesh Singh

Newah Bhwoye (1)Newah Bhwoye or Newari Bhoj is an iconic traditional feast of the Newah civilization to celebrate family gathering or lavish celebrations. Bhwoye is feasted while sitting down on a straw mat on the floor. The feast itself consists of several varieties of Newah delicacies served on to the leaf plate known as lapte. Lapte is a handmade plate, made my stitching together the leaves of Sal (Shorea Robusta).  The items or delicacy of the bhwoye is sequentially served to signify the harmony between food and our body. Different segment of Newah community have different delicacies and their sequence

Following are the delicacies that are popular in the Newah Bhwoye.

  1. Baji ( Chiura)

Baji or Chiura is a beaten/flatten rice that is made by pounding rice. This can be readily bought   from the Nepalese market.

  1. Chhoyela

Chhoyela is a pieces of grilled red meat, typically buff( Buffalo Meat). For the preparation of chhoyela, meat is barbecued in an open flame well so that it is well cooked. Then the barbecued meat is marinated in with ginger garlic, crushed chilli, salt, turmeric and chilli powder to the taste that are listed here. At the end, fresh coriander is sprinkled on the top.

  1. Bhuti ( Black eyed beans)

To prepare this, first of all, black eyed beans are boiled. Then it is stir-fried fried with little bit of vegetable oil, ginger, garlic, salt and turmeric powder.

  1. Aloo Achar

Aloo Achar is a potato salad. To prepare this, first of all potatoes are boiled then cut into the small dices. Then the potatoes is mix with ginger, garlic, chilli powder, salt, fried and crushed sesame seeds, turmeric powder with boiled potatoes along with pieces of cucumber, fresh lemon juice is added and freshly cut coriander leaf. To finish it off, fenugreek seeds is deep fried in 2 table spoon of mustard oil and poured it on to the bowl of aloo achar and mixed well.

  1. Saag

Saag is, basically, a leafy vegetable, mainly, spinach or mustard leaves. To prepare this, leaves are washed properly and then cut. Two table spoon of oil is heated in a big iron souk. Once the oil is heated enough, the cut pieces of green leaves are stir fried.

  1. Musya

Musya is black soyabean, traditionally stir-fried without any oils then marinated with salt and mustard oil

  1. Fa:Si

Fa:Si is butternut squash. First of all, about two table spoon of oil is heated and red dried chilli and fenugreek seeds are fried. Then the pieces of butternut squash is cooked till its melted with cumin and coriander powder, ginger and garlic, salt and chilli powder.  Some people also add pieces of meat to this, but meat is stir-fried before adding the pieces of butternut squash.

  1. Aloo Chwon

Aloo chwon or aloo-tama literally means potatoes and bamboo shoot. It is a classic soup prepared with black eyed beans, potatoes and spices mainly ginger garlic, chilli, salt, cumin and coriander powder. Tama is a non-fermented bamboo shoot product.

  1. Paun Kwaa

Paun is a sweet and sour delicacy that is made up of fruit called Choerospondias axillari, called as Lapsi in Nepal also known as ‘Nepali hog plum.’

  1. Dhau

Dhau means Yoghurt. The Newah dessert comes in the form of sweet yogurt, a spoonful of sugar is also served just before serving dhau.

  1. Sias Busa:

Sisabusa is mixture of vegetables and fruits such as diced carrots, radishes, cucumbers, soaked small green peas, peeled pieces of oranges or any other seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Various other delicacies such as Wo(Lentils Pancake), Puklaa (Fried Meat), Nyaa (dried fish), kegu(Peas) etc. are also added in the sequence of delicacies that is served with Newah Bhwoye.

Newah Bhwoye is served traditionally on Lapte( Leaf Plate) at Nepalese Tandoori Restaurant, 121 Uxbridge Road W12 8NL. www.nepalesetandoori.co.uk


Picture Credit: Nilesh Singh