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The Deputy Prime Minister Thapa felicitates Restaurant Owners

Taste Of Nepal

London. The Deputy Prime minister and Minister for foreign affairs Mr Kamal Thapa felicitated the restaurant owners in London this Wednesday.
Minister Thapa felicitated and provided the token of Plaque to two dozen restaurant owners who helped the publication of a magazine ‘Taste of Nepal’ .
Earlier Minister Thapa launched the magazine ‘Taste of Nepal’ published by Nepalese Catering Association UK with the help of Nepalese Embassy, London.
He admired the role of Nepalese restaurants on highlighting Nepal throughout the world by providing Nepalese food.
The token of Plaque was provided to the sponsors and the editorial team.
Addressing the programme, British MP Birendra Sharma said that the British people love Nepal and the Nepalese. Professor Surya Subedi, Acting ambassador Mr Tej Bahdur Chhetri and the president of Nepalese Catering Association, Mr Bijaya Thapa, Mr Kishore Sapkota also expressed their views.
The programme was hosted by Ms Sangita Marahatta.

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