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Masala Tea


images (1)You can find chiya pasal (tea shops) every street across Nepal.There is always one that’s crowded and popular with the local and is the in-place to chat,discuss and debate the issues of the day.

Chiya pasal are where people go to socialize and tea is at the centre of Nepalese life.So, here is a recipe for tea lpvers everywhere……


(serves 4 cups of tea)               4 cardamon, crushed

2.5cups water hot water                    4 tsp of loose tea

2.5cups whole milk                 (or 4 tea bags)

2 bay leaves         2                           ½ tbsp of sugar or honey

½ tsp ground cinnamon           (optional-Nepali tea is very sweet)

4 cloves, crushed                     1 whole star anise

1 tsp fresh ginger, finally                  chopped



  • Pour the milk and hot water into a pan and put it on a high heat.
  • Add the cinnamon powder, bay leaves, cloves, cardamom and tea/tea bags to it.
  • Before it comes to a boil, turn the heat to low.
  • Let it cimmer for 10 mins to infuse the flavours.
  • Sieve the tea into a cup or glass(tea is usually served hot in a 200ml glass tumbler in Nepal).