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Lettuce Wrap

30 mins
Aditi Varia


download (3)This is not a traditional Nepalese dish it’s fairly commonly eaten these days. It seems to be a traditional recipe from elsewhere in SE.Asia that has been adapted to Nepalese tastes.

It’s a healthy vegetarian dish, served as either a starter or main.


8 leaves of romaine or iceberg lettuce                           1 carrot, grated or chopped

1tomato, sliced                                                                          Felfel or veggie party (optional)

1 spring onion, chopped                                                       Sweet chilli dip or coriander

50g green and red pepper s, chopped                            chutney

50g cucumber, grated/finely chopped                           Salt and chilli flakes to taste

45g fresh sweetcorn                                                            ¼ tsp pepper

10-12 baby spinach leaves                                                     1 tsp oregano

25g Brussels sprouts, finely chopped                           A few toothpicks

A little cheese for grating



  • Take two whole lettuce leaves and place them on top of each other. Spread on any chutney of your choice (coriander chutney, sweet chilli dip, etc).
  • Add all the mixed vegetables. If you choose to add veggie patties or falafels, then place them over the salad.
  • Add the salt, pepper, oregano and chilli flakes for flavor (you can use any other herbs of your choice).
  • Grate a little cheese on top.
  • Fold the lettuce leaf as a wrap and hold it using a toothpick. Serve it cold.
  • For variations you can also add kidney beans, eggs or chicken.