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Annapurna Introduces Nepalese Menu


Annapurna Introduces Nepalese Menu ‘Fables of Yeti and mountains of Nepal have been our lifetime fantasy. We will be going for an expedition round Annapurna Trek this summer but let us enjoy Sherpa Meal at the moment,’ a family of five dining at the Annapurna Restaurant in South West London shared her love for Nepal. Deborah Rose on her late 50s alongside her husband Scott Cosmos and 2 toddlers often do visit the restaurant which is just half a mile away from their home in Whitton. Located next to a quiet residential area of Powder Mill Lane, after 13 years of service, Annapurna Restaurant introduced Nepalese Menu on 11 May 2016. ‘Things have changed.


Nepalese community is now accustomed to English culture of fine dining in restaurants but choose back home cuisine,’ owner of the Restaurant Raj Sharma said to the Taste of Nepal team. ‘It is not easy to source the proper ingredients but our experienced Kitchen team of Nepali chefs will strive hard to match the authentic taste.

Our launching offer marks 10% discount on menu price on Nepalese food for Nepalese customers,’ Sharma elaborated. ‘Chhoyela with beer is a match made in heaven,’ head chef Prabin Karki had a sneaky time off kitchen to mingle with customers enjoying his skilful cooking. With experience working in five star hotels in Nepal, Mr Karki, is proud of 5 stars hygiene certificate awarded to the restaurant.

Always smiley and bubbly service from Surendra Neupane makes you feel brotherly without interfering your restaurant time privacy. Either prepared for a specific meal or in cloud, more than 13 years experienced in hospitality around UK, Mr. Neupane understands customer choice in a blink.


From Sekuwa to Set Meal, Annapuran Restaurant capacitates to feed 65 at a time. Decorated with comfy curve velvety cubicles seating, family of 5 to 6 can enjoy cosy conversation whereas 2, 3, 4 and 6 seaters dinning decoration keeps you maintain a perfect fine dine experience. If ranged within 3 miles, delivery at your doorstep and takeaway has been one of the business boosters for the restaurant. You there? Don’t miss to feedback on TripAdvisor.